The White's Electronics MX Sport is new for 2016. It is a descendent of the hugely popular White's MXT, and ups the game by adding features in a lighter weight yet waterproof package.

The MXT is extremely popular because it does almost everything very well; coin, relic, jewelry, and nugget detecting. Despite being so versatile the MXT is also a bargain priced detector with performance rivaling much more expensive detectors. The MX Sport looks to share and extend this remarkable versatility. Many people have wished for a waterproof MXT and White's is delivering with the MX Sport

The MX Sport has only just now been leaked via the FCC applications needed to get any new detector approved for use in the United States. White's themselves has yet to release official information, so everything here should be considered preliminary and subject to change. keep an eye out here for details as they emerge.

The MX Sport comes with the 10" round DD coil and has a couple coil options taken directly from the MXT lineup. These are the 950 round concentric and 10" x 5.5" DD elliptical. Although these coils are probably the same coils as used on the MXT they have the special waterproof connector needed for use on the MX Sport, and so coils will not be directly interchangeable between the MX Sport and MXT. It does raise the interesting possibility of an adapter fitting that might make people with an existing MXT coil selection able to take advantage of that without buying all new coils. That remains to be seen however.

 The MX Sport has a great set of target id tone discrimination options. The items noted below only indicate each target tone category and an item commonly found in that category. It does not mean that the tone will mean that exact item will be found.

From the preliminary User's Manual:

MX Sport Tone Identification or Tone ID

The pitch or audio frequency produced by each target’s display identification range can be highlighted with differently pitched sounds, called Tone Identification or Tone ID. A specific audio pitch reference for each range provides quick audio ID based on the pitch of the beep it produces during searching- without looking at the display. When Tone Identification is in single tone, all accepted metal types produce the same audio pitch during searching. If the Discrimination is set to reject a specific target range, that range may not produce a beep of any pitch. Rejected targets often do not produce any tone (silence).

To Adjust Tone Identification:

1.Press Options and use up & down arrows to select Tone ID.
2.Press + & - to select the type of Tone Identification desired.
3.Press Options to exit or wait 10–15 seconds for the options mode to automatically time out.

Tone ID Settings:

All targets produce the same pitch beep (no tone ID).

2-Tone ID:
Iron targets produce a low-pitched beep; all other targets produce a higher pitched beep.

4-Tone ID:
•Iron (lowest)
•Foil & Pull Tabs
•Coins (highest pitch)

8-Tone ID:
•Large Iron (lowest)
•Small Iron
•Foil / Small Gold
•Zinc / Indian Head Penny
•Dime – Dollar (highest pitch)

20-Tone ID:
Each of the 20 Display ID segments (discrimination zones) produce their own uniquely-pitched beep, starting with iron (the lowest pitch) to Silver Dollars (highest pitched).

White's MX Sport Technical Specifications*Internet Price?TechnologyInduction Balance (IB)Frequency13 kHzAutotune Mode(s)Variable Self Adjusting Threshold (V/SAT)Ground RejectionTracking, Fixed and GrabSoil AdjustNormal and Salt ModesDiscriminationAdjustable Notch, Visual ID, Tone IDVolume ControlYes Threshold ControlYesTone AdjustNoAudio BoostNoFrequency OffsetYes Pinpoint ModeYesAudio Output1/4" headphone via adapter & speakerHip MountShaft Mount OnlyStandard Search Coil(s)10" round DDOptional Search CoilsTwo accessory coils availableBatteryEight AAOperating Time20+ hoursWeight4.0 poundsAdditional TechnologyWaterproof to ten feet, screen backlight 


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White's MX Sport

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